Good timing? Thats a Change!

Well, I guess you could call it good timing.

Over the last few weeks I have been really struggling with things. (That can happen when your boss turns you down for a raise at work, especially after you’ve completed 2 levels of Apprentice training. It shouldn’t be surprising that I’m not terribly motivated to work.) It seems lately this blog has become more of an outlet for my doubts and insecurities than about motorcycle adventuring. Bear with me, it will get back to biking…….once we do!! As my wife and I try and get our adventuring “in gear”, we have constantly run into problems and interruptions. So far this year the biggest one has been winter, but there have been a few others. As an example my wife and I had planned a trip to Las Vegas this April. It is our 15th wedding and we wanted to do something memorable, and Vegas seemed like a good idea. Especially since we were going to have Elvis renew our vows.

Thats a “no go” now. My wife is a personal trainer and needs just one or two more classes to become certified to teach yoga. Of course those classes just happen to be on the weekend we were going to be in Vegas.

We also were going to go on a trip to Oregon. That trip would not have been a happy one, since we would be doing it to pay our respects to an Uncle that has recently passed, but it would have been a pleasant ride. That one is also shot down, since we have other plans that weekend, that involved buy several hundred dollars worth of tickets.

My schooling happens from the beginning of May to the middle of June, so there is 6 weeks of “busy-ness” and no bike trips.

But it seems like perhaps there is a bit of karma in the universe.

I like music….a lot! I listen to music everyday. When I’m at work I have my noise dampening earmuffs on, and under I have my earbuds for my iPod. When I ride my bike I have my earbuds under my helmet. (Its only ever been a problem once, when a police car came up behind me and I didn’t hear its siren right away.)

Good band! Great Song!

Needless to say, music is a big influence on my mood, and my life. I have a few specific songs that motivate me to keep going when times get shitty….. like the last few weeks perhaps? Just when things were getting really frustrating, my wife heard a song by the Sick Puppies. (You may have heard one of their songs already if you saw this YouTube video.¬†With 67 million views, most people probably have.) Their new song (called “Maybe“) came at a really good time for me. It sounds corny, and it sounds like a great idea for a cheesy and stereotypical music video, but it really does make me feel like “keeping going”, and “continuing to fight the good fight”, and “things will all work out in the end” and blah, blah, etc, etc.

Despite the corniness and ridiculous-ness of it, the song came at a really good time. Now I can listen to it when I’m down, and feel a little more motivated, a little less frustrated, and a little less like throwing a molotov cocktail in through a window at work.

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