Riding Pants: ‘Cuz riding in your underwear just doesn’t work.

A few months ago my wife and I ordered riding pants. We’ve been riding with them for a while and I have an opinion about them now. Which is: Thumbs Up!

I got Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 pants and my wife got Joe Rocket Women’s Alter Ego. I chose mine mostly because it was one of the few pant styles that had a “Tall” size that met my needs. (I’m pretty certain my wife picked out hers because of the cute detailing on the back.) Both sets of pants are textile and have padding on the obvious contact points should you find yourself sliding instead of riding. My pants have lots of length on them, which is great! The ankle has a zipper that runs up this side, and when done up is wide enough that I can get them over my riding boots, no problem. Both pants have a removable, water-proof lining that also has a zipper, and an elastic ankle that hugs tight to my boot. Very handy to keep rain out, AND cold air on the cold days. The only problem I ran into was the knee pads. They weren’t placed properly in the knee. There were a few pockets to choose from, that moved the pads up and down in the knee. My suggestion to someone at Joe Rocket would be to put a few more in, above and below the current pockets.

I wore mine on our trip to Nakusp for the Horizons Unlimited meeting and we went from cold in the morning (shaded from the sun by the Coast Mountains) to scorching heat when we made it to the other side of the mountains. The pants kept me quite warm in the cold, but once I started to heat up the lining started to stick to my legs. A bit uncomfortable, but thats why the lining is removable I guess. Once the lining was out they were fine, and they even have a large, removable section that zips off and reveals mesh fabric. A large vent that goes from the front of one leg, across the back, to the front of the other leg. Not sure yet how well the mesh hides what’s underneath, but if you’re not concerned about showing your tightie-whities to everyone……

The real story though is what happened immediately after we got them. Mine fit perfectly. They are adjustable in the waist, but I don’t think I had to change a thing. My wife had a few problems. In a fit of optimism she ordered a size too small, and though she could get into them, they fit quite tight. Too tight. (I thought she looked great, but to ride with them she kinda needs to be able to raise her leg high enough to get it over her bike.)

Looking for something for you or your bike. Stop in and check out Revzilla. Our best online purchase experience so far!

So she contacted the fine folks at Revzilla, the online company we ordered them from, and was able to return them for a larger size, absolutely no problem. Eric & Chris were awesome! We had to pay to ship the pants back, but they gave us a small discount to help cover the shipping costs! We were having a few issues with another online company at the time, and dealing with Revzilla was an absolute dream in comparison. They have us convinced, and I would have no problem recommending them to anyone.

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4 Responses to Riding Pants: ‘Cuz riding in your underwear just doesn’t work.

  1. We’ve ordered from Revzilla a number of times and have always been happy with the information on their website, their prices, and speed of shipping. Congrats on the pants!

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  3. BigAussie says:

    I have the same trousers and love them.

    They are truely waterproof with the liner in – just don’t tuck the liner into your boots or you end up with wet socks!


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