Nifty Stuff: Red Light Changer.

I was hunting through the Revzilla site the other day and I came across this nifty little device: The Amanet Red Light Changer.

(Click the pick!)

Kinda curious how these work.

I got really curious about it. Anyone use these before? Please leave a comment if you have an opinion. There are a bunch of lights where I live that don’t change when I stop at them. $20 seems pretty reasonable to get them to go green.

Oh, and if you read my last post I said that my wife picked out her pants because of the detail on the back / butt. I am supposed to tell you: that isn’t true. They had all the features and details she wanted, and the rating was quite high. (Very handy, that rating system.) She apparently didn’t know the detail was there until they came out of the box.


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3 Responses to Nifty Stuff: Red Light Changer.

  1. I’d like to know about this too…even with our 800+ lb Venture we still get stuck at lights….

    • Shannon Norton says:

      On the site they mention how the sensors in the road are magnetic, and this device apparently has a “powerful” magnet in it to help trigger the sensors.

  2. Carey S. says:

    i figured out how to make lights change way back in the 70:s one day watching them install the wire scensors in the street.I figured they were to make the lights change ,so I played around running over them back and fourth 3 . This well work only if there is no traffic cross traffic going through the intersection. if cross traffic is present you have to wait till there is none then roll over it again,on some occations it will work with cross traffic.Also when a car is behind you just use your front tire for 1,then turn it a little to zig zag over it for 2,then roll over it with the back tire for 3 or pull up far enough so the car behind you runs it over for #3.and there my trick . its awesome at 5 AM when your at that neverending redlight in the middle of knowhere and you know a cop is hiding somwhere waiting for you to do it, It really pisses them off JJJ Good Luck

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