I think I done learned somethin’….

(A rather NON-bike related post today)

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how tough life was. Well, yesterday I put my notice in at my current job, ‘cuz I got a new one. I wasn’t really looking forward to the conversation with the owner of the company. He has a bit of a reputation for being…. “excitable”. He has paid for all of my journeyman training and I expected him to freak out when he found out I was leaving.

I was wrong.

He was very calm about it. He asked if I would stay if he gave me a raise. (I was tempted, but my new job has crazy, awesome benefits and the possibility of earning at least as much as I would get paid as a journeyman Cabinetmaker, possibly more!) He said he was sad to see me go, and if my new job didn’t work out, come back to see him and he will (probably) have a job for me. Then we chatted, pleasantly, for a bit, and I went back to work.

Having him react totally different than I was expecting, completely threw me, and I realized I had fallen into a trap.

In this economic environment its easy to assume that anyone better of than we are deserves to be viewed with suspicion at least, or hatred at worst. That anyone “rich” is probably “screwing the little guys” at their company, or schmoozing the boss, or just generally doesn’t deserve the money they have, for whatever reason. For reasons I can’t understand, I did that with my boss. Totally undeservedly, as it turns out. For a simple reason I think:

I forgot “the boss” is human too.

When I sat down to give my notice, I suddenly didn’t see the “rich guy”, building a house when I’m selling things out of mine to buy stuff for our bikes. I saw the stressed business owner, trying to figure out how to keep people (whom he knows are underpaid and deserve raises) from quitting. The owner who is trying to keep his struggling company afloat, and is building a house now because building companies (like his) are slow, are desperately trying to get work, and are underbidding each other like crazy, in order to get work.

Sure, there are people out there who don’t deserve their enormous salaries, or ridiculous bonuses; but there are also people who earn their salary, or got rich through hard work and sacrifice. Its important that we not forget that. We don’t need a “Witch Hunt.” We need to be careful when pointing fingers, because we are human too. And we make mistakes.

Like I did.

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