Empire Covers: Winter blankets for your bike!

When Melissa at Empire Covers sent me an email asking me to review their motorcycle covers I had to look over my shoulder to make sure she was emailing the right person. I mean, I do have an uncanny ability to mind control all 38 of my blog readers, but really….? Once I realized she was talking to me, I calmly freaked out and emailed her back and said I was “mildly” interested. (Its important to play it cool, especially when you’re not.)

First order of business: order the thing! The site was really easy to use. I like to make things complicated, so I noticed the “What size do I need” section first, went digging online to find my bike’s wheel base length, did some math, and decided on a size. Coincidentally it matched the size they recommend when I noticed and used the “Motorcycle Cover Selector”. Feeling rather stupid I ordered the Titan Quatro 4L. Its the Cadillac of motorcycle covers, and it has a cool name.

The Box!

When it showed up, I did a little happy dance, looked around to make sure nobody¬†SAW my happy dance, then got down to business. Second order of business: open the box! I’m not sure if this is the standard shipping box, but when you get one, if it says “Do not open with sharp blade” on it, you might wanna listen. I didn’t cut mine, but there was no extra packaging in the box with it, so if you got over enthusiastic with a blade, it would be easy to damage it. First thing I noticed about the cover after removing it was how light it was. I’ve had other covers, and they were all much heavier than this one. After untying ¬†and spreading it out on the floor I felt the nice fleece lining and thought my wife’s bike was going to have a nice comfortable blanket this winter. (Sadly, my bike will be working all winter, taking me too and from work.)

The Cover!

I pretty much climbed into the thing looking around inside. It had some grey material sewn into the fleece lining which I assumed was the back (where the mufflers would be on most bikes). I couldn’t find any info on if this fabric was heat resistant, common sense says its probably best to wait until your mufflers are cold before covering, just to be safe. After moving to the area the process of elimination said was the front of the cover, I noticed the rather small tag that said “front”. It was a little hard to find, but it is there. There is also a strap with a clip in the center. A handy thing to keep the cover from turning into a kite during our next wind storm. Unless it can take the bike with it, I guess.




Third order of business: put it on the bike! This was a piece of cake, and where the lightness comes in really handy. I put the front on first and worked my way back. My wife and I both have trunks on our bikes, and (not surprisingly) it didn’t cover the trunk. Off comes the trunk and voila! The cover is on! I’ve never had a cover that had a strap that ran under the bike, so clipping and tightening the strap was new. Again I made things overly complicated. I think I walked around the bike 3 times. But, in the end my determination and perseverance paid off. About the only suggestion I would make would be to have the clip and strap moved to opposite sides. I grabbed the extra length on the strap and pulled to tighten it. Which meant the bike was leaning towards me when I did it. If it was on the opposite side, it would be a little more comfortable, and I would be less likely to hit my head on the handlebars.

They do more than just motorcycle covers. Stop in and have a look!

So now its just a matter of waiting to see how it holds up over the winter!

*Dramatic Voice* Only time will tell if the bike will will be warm, clean and dry all winter in it’s new winter burrow, or whether Old Man Winter will have his way with the innocent Kawasaki Versys.

Tune in this spring for Part 2.

(Did that sound suspenseful?)

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